Monday, August 31, 2009

The Movie - La contessa Arsenia (1916)

Really cool - La contessa Arsenia movie

Movie Premier in 1916.


Color Info: Black and White
Countries: Italy
Languages: Italian
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:1544 m, OFM:35 mm, PCS:Spherical, PFM:35 mm, RAT:1.33 : 1
Release Dates: Italy:May 1916

In movie played:

Egidio Candiani (actor)

Nello Carotenuto (actor)
Birth Name: Carotenuto, Raffaele
Birth Notes: Italy
Father of actor 'Mario Carotenuto' (qv) and 'Memmo Carotenuto' (qv).

Giovanni Cimara (actor)
Birth Notes: Rome, Italy
Birth Date: 1 February 1889

Diana Karenne (actress)
Death Notes: Aachen, Germany (cerebral haemorrhage)
Birth Notes: Ukraine
Death Date: 14 October 1940
Injured in an Allied bombing of Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) in July 1940. After 3 month of being in a coma, she died in October of the same year without having regained consciousness.
Birth Date: 1888

Cristina Ruspoli (actress)

Mary Cleo Tarlarini (actress)
Birth Name: Tarlarini, Maria Cleofe
Birth Notes: Milan, Italy
Death Date: 22 October 1954
Death Notes: Tivoli, Italy
Birth Date: 22 April 1878

Ernesto Maria Pasquali (director)
Death Notes: Turin, Italy
Birth Notes: Montù Beccaria, Italy
Death Date: 9 May 1919
Birth Date: 1883


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