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Movie - He Said He Could Act (1914)

I recommend to look He Said He Could Act movie

Movie Premier in 1914.

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Color Info: Black and White
Countries: USA
Genres: Short, Comedy
Languages: English
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:300 m, OFM:35 mm, PCS:Spherical, PFM:35 mm, RAT:1.33 : 1
Release Dates: USA:16 May 1914

In movie have been taken:

Billy Bowers (actor)

John Edwards (actor)
Death Notes: New York City, New York, USA
Birth Notes: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Birth Name: Marnill, John
Spouse: 'Daisy Sinclair' (? - ?), 'Margaret Edwards (I)' (qv) (? - ?)
Death Date: 16 October 1929
Birth Date: 24 June 1868

Raymond McKee (actor)
Articles: "Motion Picture World" (USA), 21 February 1925, pg. 815, "Sennett Signs McKee", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 31 March 1923, pg. 511, "Marguerite Courtot to Wed", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 3 December 1921, pg. 566, "Surprise Weddings", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 21 August 1920, pg. 1050, "Raymond McKee Recovered", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 31 March 1917, pg. 2108, "Raymond McKee", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 21 October 1916, pg. 394, "Raymond McKee Again with Metro", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 15 May 1915, pg. 1053, "Raymond McKee, Edison Comedian"
Child: Raymond Courtot McKee (c. 1927), Buried in Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, California.
Death Notes: Long Beach, California, USA (pneumonia)
Height: 5' 7 1/2"
Birth Notes: Keokuk, Iowa, USA
Birth Name: McKee, Eldon Raymond
Spouse: 'Marguerite Courtot' (qv) (23 April 1923 - 3 October 1984) (his death), 'Frances White' (1921 - ?)
Death Date: 3 October 1984
Birth Date: 7 December 1892

Mattie Edwards (actress)
Birth Name: Burns, Mattie
Birth Notes: New York, USA
Death Date: 25 June 1944
Death Notes: Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth Date: 2 June 1866

E.W. Sargent (writer)
Articles: "Film History" (USA), 1997, Iss. 9, pg. 246-68, "Screenwriting for the early silent film: forgotten pioneers, 1897-1911", "Variety" (USA), 14 December 1938, "Epes Sargent, 'Chicot,' Dies at 66", "New York Times" (USA), 8 December 1938, pg. 27:3, "Epes W. Sargent, Critic on Variety; Member of Magazine's Staff When It Was Organized in 1905 Dies at 66; Former Scenario Writer; Wrote Under Name of Chicot--Had Served as Reviewer for Several Papers", "New York Dramatic Mirror" (USA), 8 April 1914, pg. 37:3, "Copyright Bill Introduced; Text of Representative Willis's Bill to Include Photoplays in Townsend Law [Sargent "blazed the trail" for copyright agitation]", "Motion Picture World" (USA), 20 December 1913, pg. 1403, "All But the "Movies'"
Death Notes: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Birth Notes: Nassau, Bahamas
Birth Name: Sargent, Epes Wintrop
Sold scenarios to Vitagraph in 1898.
Death Date: 6 December 1938
Birth Date: 31 August 1872

Arthur Hotaling (director)
Vaudeville as Mace & Douglas (with 'Fred Mace' (qv)).
Death Notes: California, USA (heart attack)
Birth Notes: New York City, New York, USA
Birth Name: Hotaling, Arthur Douglas
Spouse: 'Mae Hotely' (qv) (? - 13 July 1938) (his death)
Death Date: 13 July 1938
Birth Date: 3 February 1873

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